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About Richard

I was taught the basics by my father who expected me to work with wood, so of course I went and did lots of other things instead. I have always had a workshop of some sort wherever Margaret and I have lived and, as well as making things for ourselves and the family, the commissions that turned up where very nice.

About 25 years ago I was approached by a Further Education coordinator to run some night class courses in woodworking ( just to see if anybody would be interested) and what started off in a small way built up to two nights a week for the autumn, winter and spring terms with a class of 15 each night. I managed to keep this going for 7 years until we moved house and it was to far for me to travel. In the meantime the commissions I was getting had grown to more than I could handle in the evenings and at weekends and a decision had to be made. So it was bye bye to the company car and the pension and hello full time in the workshop. That was 25 years ago and we are still eating so I must be doing something right. (Have a look at the Gallery to see what I do)

So the question is: "Can I teach you about woodwork?", Yes, I can. Over the years at night classes I had many different people from all walks of life, some for just a term, others coming back year after year and, to the best of my knowledge, they all found it an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and having something to take home that they had made at the end of the term was the icing on the cake.

I can now say, having got many years of our courses under my belt, that running the courses in my own workshop rather than at a school-based Evening Class is a much better experience for the people who come on the courses and for me. Having the full use of the workshop facilities and being able to put my hand on everything makes a big difference. The small group makes for good camaraderie between all of us and a relaxed atmosphere where it is easy to absorb the information.

Mark has now got the qualification to help with teaching and when there ar 3 or more on a course he is there to help as well.

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